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In the gym of a university. A young man in a blue basketball uniform walked through the gates of the gym. His hands were in a pair of latex gloves, and he was carrying a big trash bag.
As soon as he entered the gym, he picked up the empty water bottles and soda cans left by the crowd that watched the last game. “It would be great if the university held a basketball match every day. I could easily make fifty bucks by gathering these bottles and cans. If I make that much every day, I can buy Sylvia an iPhone 11 for her birthday.”
Trevor Sanderson raised his head and looked at the cluttered gym with excitement. While he was in the middle of collecting bottles and cans, a group of tall male students strode out of the locker rooms.
Each of them was carrying a large bucket of dirty basketball uniforms, and they were walking toward Trevor.

“Hey, Trevor, we’ve got a job for you. Wash the team’s uniforms. We’ll give you ten dollars per bucket.”
The one walking in the middle of the group had red hair and a cigarette in his mouth. He threw his bucket at Trevor’s feet.

“We’re all members of the basketball team. Of course we’ll look after you. Take the job.”
After saying that, the red-haired young man named Bernard Collins waved his hand, and the others tossed their dirty laundry toward Trevor’s direction.

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