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Synopsis: A babe reached out to feel her neck. She recalled the “love mark” that was still bright in color. It won’t come off anytime soon because she knew it had only been a night since. You can as well check more interesting novels aside Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies here.

Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies started when Anne Vallois gradually gained consciousness. She felt a sharp pain in her body as if she had been crushed by demons.
When she opened her eyes, she saw a man with thick black hair beside her, frightening her.
She almost gasped out loud but quickly covered her mouth.

She had a flashback of what happened last night. When she recovered the details of the memories, she felt like smacking herself.
She wanted to get drunk at the bar because she found out her boyfriend had cheated on her. So, this happened.
She dared not to recall too much, nor did she have the courage to look at the man’s face.
She clumsily climbed out of bed and embarrassedly picked up the clothes from the floor before running away without turning back…

Two years later…
Anne was looking at some short videos on her phone gallery on her flight home.
They were all videos of a child from birth till she was two years old, safely kept in her phone…


The girl called out to the camera. Her doll-like appearance and smile were very adorable.
After the one-night stand in the Presidential Suite two years ago, Anne, who was still a college student, got pregnant.
Read the complete story to find out more…..

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